L'Oustal del Solhel
Peyre - 12100 Comprégnac
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Peyre, near Millau in Aveyron

L’Oustal del Solhel, a gite in the heart of a exceptional region, with great outdoors and a diversified natural environment.

Our gite is located in the heart of the Natural Regional Park of the Grands Causses. Close to one of the most beautiful villages in France nestled against the cliff in a meander of the river Tarn, the village of Peyre, you will be able to dwadle in its "calades" (small streets) winding between the ochre limestone houses, some of which are cave dwellings and which surrounds the roamn church. Life is pleasant here.

7 kilometers from Millau, the outdoor sports capital where one can practise climbing, ahng-gliding, paragliding, microlighting, canyoning, canoeing, running, moutain biking, petanque and its world cup, and so many more activites and events.

Located at the foot of the Great Plateaus and particularly the Larzac where the Templar and Charitable Cities raise their ramparts several hundred years old. La Couvertoirade, La Cavalerie, Sainte Eulalie de Cernon, Saint Jean d’Alcas….

Very close by are the famous maturation caves of Roquefort that you might want to visit.

A preserved environment, the natural beauty of the Great Plateaus

In a preserved environment where hicking tracks are looked after and marked out for you, you will discover all the majesty of a rich and varied Nature where the landscapes will delight you.

A stone's throw from the Millau Viaduct, visit its view point area where you will find out all the story behind the building of the highest bridge of its kind in the world.

Not far from Micropolis, city of insects and of Saint Léon country of the entomologist Jean-Henri FABRE.

Not much further, the Gorges du Tarn and its tributaries la Jonte and la Dourbie, will offer you a wild and sensational scenery where the vultures glide majestically.

The natural caves of Aven Armand, of Dargilan, the abyss of Bramabiau will make you discover the magnificence of underground nature and its jewels.

The blockfield of Montpellier le Vieux where you will discover its rocks, shaped by the elements and erosion, and your imagination will wander among the valleys and to the top of these natural stone statues.

The Levezou Lakes will welcome you for a swim or sailing.

The towns and villages of South Aveyron open their doors to you, and you will find there a rich built heritage. Castles, churches, abbeys, priories or just simply fountains, wash houses, houses or farms will tell you the story of the people who have made this land what it is today.


To discover...

> The view point area of Millau Viaduct.
> Millau, capital of the Grands Causses and of outdoor sports.
> Micropolis, the city of insects.
> Roquefort and the maturation caves of the famous cheese.
> The Gorges du Tarn, de la Dourbie and de la Jonte.
> The Templar cities on the Larzac.
> The Levezou lakes.
> The natural sites of Aven Armand and Montpellier le Vieux.
> The vulture belvedere.